Pedestrian Bridge Tarpon Woods Blvd

Pedestrian Bridge on Tarpon Woods Blvd.

Please be advised that the subject project has been posted for advertisement, and officially advertised today, November 18, 2016.  See the link below to access additional advertised project documents.  A summary of project information is as follows:


·         Issue / advertisement date:  November 18, 2016

·         Non-mandatory pre-bid meeting and site visit:  N/A

·         Deadline for questions:  December 9, 2016

·         Bid Opening date scheduled for:  December 20, 2016 at 3:00pm

·         Advertised Office Estimate:  $755,161.98

·         Estimated Project Duration:  300 consecutive calendar days

·         Project Manager:  Tim Clark

·         Funding:  Infrastructure Sales Tax (Penny for Pinellas)



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Bunny Kimm

Technical Services - Contracts

Pinellas County Public Works

Past flood projects prior to 7/15/16

Report - County Response to Flooding in the Tarpon Woods Neighborhood 7/13/20161d ago

Dennis Peek from Tarpon Woods

County engineers have prepared a very good report describing what has been done in Tarpon Woods re: drainage problems. 

It describes the drainage improvements the county did in the area, the benefits the projects have provided and an evaluation of the last few storms and their effects to the neighborhood. 

If anyone has any questions regarding the drainage issues they can always contact Jim Bernard or Rahim Harji and they’d be glad to meet and discuss. 

Rahim Harji, P.E., CFM, ENV-SP 
Stormwater and Vegetation Division Director 
Public Works Department 
22211 US Highway 19 North 
Clearwater, FL 33765 
Phone (727) 464-8760


We have noticed an increase in chatter on Next Door Tarpon Woods with regard to speeders once again zipping along Tarpon Woods Blvd. The Tarpon Woods Entrance and Islands Alliance spent a great deal of time getting this traffic slowed down several years ago, with the speed signs. It took a couple of years and over 400 signatures on a petition to get the County to do something. Tarpon Woods Blvd. is what is considered a “feeder road” by the County and they would not approve “Speed Waves” or more “Stop Signs.”  We thought that more stop signs at all intersections would force drivers to stop at every corner and prevent them from accelerating to quickly but that was denied. Speed waves were definitely a big “NO.” Our only recourse was the Sheriff’s Department which put a lot of time in at our subdivision and issued enough tickets for the word to get out and the traffic slowed down.


What kind of organization is The ToyMakers of East Lake?

Image of girl in hospital with wooden toy helicoperToyMakers of East Lake (ToyMakers) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization located in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Our mission statement:  “Making smiles one toy at a time”.  ToyMakers produce and donate brightly painted, hand-made wooden toys to sick and needy children in stressful environments.  We also source, repair and recycle bicycles back into the community to needy children, returning veterans and homeless working adults.  Most of our toys and bikes are delivered to the children we serve through agencies that come into direct contact with the recipients on a daily basis.

From the simple beginnings of the original ToyMakers group that started in Pasco County, Florida in 1982, approximately 400,000 toys have been donated to agencies in the local communities in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Alachua counties as well as special donations to children in need in remote countries around the world.

Wood toy trainToyMakers of East Lake is an outreach mission of East Lake United Methodist Church (ELUMC). We began operation in the third quarter of 2007 with 6 volunteers utilizing a shop building owned by ELUMC. Currently, the group includes well over 100 volunteers who donate over 15,000 hours of their time per year. Deliveries are made quarterly to many local agencies including All Children’s Outpatient Care of East Lake, The Haven of RCS, Operation PAR, Tampa General Hospital Children’s Medical Center, Pasco-Hernando Early Learning Coalition, Ronald McDonald House, East Lake Fire & Rescue, Francis House, Rosa Valdez Child Care Center, and A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay. Additionally, toys have been shipped to the Midwest during floods, to Louisiana and Mississippi during the aftermath of hurricanes, to Mexico, Haiti, Cuba and the Caribbean with medical and health mission teams, and to Iraq and Afghanistan through military contacts.

It is a privilege to be able to offer some form of comfort to these children and their families in stressful times.


To make a donation to ToyMakers of East Lake please click here.

To volunteer at ToyMakers of East Lake please click here.


To All, From Andrew Irick

This email is a "summary" of a meeting that was held March 12th with residents of Tarpon Woods and Ridgemoor...and is being sent to both attendees and other parties who have expressed interest in the proposed development.

Our "plan" that was shown at the meeting was for 25 single family lots. We expect to submit this plan to Pinellas County next week (by March 21, 2014).

In order to maximize the undeveloped environmental lands, these 25 lots will only be developed on 8 of the 28 acres...with the remaining acres being "conservation" area and not developable.

While there will be no "public hearings" on this plan, I obviously want to make sure that the "neighboorhood" knows as much as possible as soon as possible...hence the March 12th meeting...and any future meetings that may be requested..

Another "obviously" is that anywhere that has "sensitive" drainage issues (like Tarpon Woods) will usually view "new" development...especially "near" a primary conveyance system (ie Brooker Creek) a negative due to concerns about making a bad situation worse.

To get in front of these drainage concerns, we have moved forward with looking at the drainage issue, and have hired a "drainage expert" to confirm that, using specific design criteria, we have documented that our development will result in a "no rise" scenario for Brooker Creek both upstream and downstream of our development.

We have already had pre-submittal meetings with both the County and SWFWMD to review this "no rise" scenario, and to answer any questions that may come up BEFORE we submit our plans.

Since the 28 acres were purchased in 2011, "my" job has included coordinating our efforts with homeowners...thru Ray Jacobs, Don Ewing, Ritch Mucciolo and including all of you.

In early 2012, "apartments" were considered for development, but after input from Ray, Ritch and Don, etc, we walked away from apartments. Then townhomes were the best use in late 2012 and early 2013. Ray, Ritch & Don, et al, were not excited about townhomes, but with Westcott Square to the northeast and the condos to the east ("across" the golf course), townhomes "could have" worked...but the "market" continued to evolve.

Then finally, in mid 2013, the single family market came back, and Marc Rutenberg was the builder we hooked up with...who designed a 25 lot development...and that is what we are proceeding to submit for governmental approval.

Attached is a "general area" color aerial showing the 28 acres, and the latest site plan showing 25 single family lots.

Please advise if you have any questions on the above.

Many thanks for your time and efforts regarding development in North Pinellas County, and let me know if you would like to have additional information or to schedule another meeting.

ANDREW IRICK            (

please help us help you



Questions from Ray Jacobs to Ivan Fernandez, Planning County   (2/19/13): 

1.       What are the plans for getting the water from Brooker Creek at the Club House to Lake Tarpon? The only drainage project presently budgeted in the county’s 10 year plan for this area is the one that is starting construction in March 2013. The analysis shows that this project will provide a 10 year storm (level of service) protection for the surrounding streets. This level of service is in accordance with county ordinances. After this project is constructed, it will be evaluated to confirm the level of service protection. More intense storms (i.e., 25 year, 50 year, etc.) will still flood the surrounding streets, but will be drained more quickly after the storm subsides. 

2.       Why not clean out Brooker Creek from Ridgemoor Blvd to Lake Tarpon as was done in 2004? SWFWMD provided an emergency permit for cleaning in 2004, due to blockages.  There is no permit to perform additional cleaning. Consultant engineering analysis has shown that the hydraulic benefits of maintenance cleaning are minimal. 

3.       How will the coordination of release of water from the Lakes North of Tarpon Woods be handled? That is handled by SWFWMD. SWFWMD has previously communicated their objective to maximize upstream storage and minimize downstream flows via control of upstream lakes/ponds. 

4.       How will the coordination of opening the gates to drain Lake Tarpon prior to next hurricane or big storm be handled? That is handled by SWFWMD. SWFWMD has previously communicated their objective to minimize upstream flooding via control of discharge rates at Lake Tarpon. 

5.       Why was the suggestion that the golf course offered (give the County unlimited access to the golf course in exchange for land use change on holes 13&14 that joins 28 acres off Ridgemoore) to improve drainage not considered? Please see response to question #1. 

6.       How will the construction on the 28 Acres off Ridgmoore affect flooding/drainage of Brooker Creek to Lake Tarpon?  It is the responsibility of the developer to show no downstream effects in their drainage analysis when obtaining permits from SWFWMD and the County.

Tarpon Woods Action Committee


Pinellas County Commission approves the East Lake Tarpon Community Overlay!

Clearwater, Florida April 24th, 2012: The Pinellas County Commission voted 6-0 during the public hearing held on April 24th, 2012 amending the Future Land Use and Quality Communities Element of the Pinellas County Comprehensive Plan to adopt the East Lake Tarpon Community Overlay, including the East Lake Tarpon Community Boundary and supporting Vision, Objectives, and Policies, as recommended by the Local Planning Agency.

 In 2008 the Pinellas County Comprehensive Plan was amended to provide for the development and application of Community Overlays as a means of recognizing distinct communities in Pinellas County. The Board of County Commissioners supported the purpose and need for Community Overlays as a means of allowing citizens to better participate in planning for their future, as well as enabling the Board to understand and better plan for a community by recognizing and understanding its existing and desired characteristics and features. Subsequently, the Alderman Rural Residential Community, the Tierra Verde Community, and the Ozona Community all  requested a Community Overlay, and the Board adopted respective Overlays and supporting policies through the necessary amendments to the Future Land Use and Quality Communities Element of the Comprehensive Plan  and the associated Future Land Use Map Series).

On June 22, 2011, the Pinellas County Planning Director received an email from the Council of North County Neighborhoods (CNCN) requesting recognition of the East Lake Tarpon community in the Comprehensive Plan by adoption of a Community Overlay. In addition to the email, CNCN submitted a document with the proposed vision, objectives and policies, as well as a legal description and map of the East Lake Tarpon Community Overlay boundary. The CNCN in their email described the proposed Overlay as spelling out the East Lake Tarpon area's vision for the community and defining their collective desires relative to quality of life and development issues. They further stated that the document submitted has been well vetted to the public for over one year through public meetings, newspaper articles and presentations to businesses, community associations, service groups, and individuals.

Information was mailed out to the community and businesses, and posted on the CNCN website. It was indicated that the document includes input from every possible stakeholder source in the East Lake Tarpon area. County staff attended several of the meetings hosted by the CNCN to discuss the Community Overlay procedure and purpose. The boundary of the area to be included in the Overlay is generally bounded to the north by the Pasco County line, to the east by the Brooker Creek Preserve, to the south by the City of Oldsmar, and to the west by the City of Tarpon Springs and the center line of Lake Tarpon and the Lake Tarpon Outfall Canal. This boundary, proposed for adoption as part of the Future Land Use Map Series of the Future Land Use and Quality Communities Element of the Comprehensive Plan, is reflected in the figure attached to the proposed Ordinance. Note that the Brooker Creek Preserve, the Keller water treatment facility and the recreationl open space designated property containing public water and monitoring well facilities to the east of Keller are not included within the proposed Overlay boundary. The Vision, Objectives and Policies identified in the proposed Ordinance, and proposed now for inclusion in the Future Land Use and Quality Communities Element are depicted below.

East Lake Tarpon Community Overlay

VISION: East Lake Tarpon is a beautiful. predominately family-oriented residential area in the unincorporated area of northern Pinellas County. It is generally bordered to the west by Lake Tarpon. to the east by the Brooker Creek Preserve, to the north by the Pasco County boundary and to the south by Tampa Road. excluding the City of Oldsmar. Small businesses and limited commercial uses serve to support the residents of the community. Lake Tarpon to the west provides recreational boating activities and the community's natural lands provide many passive resource-based recreation opportunities to the residents. This area is known for its quiet, scenic neighborhoods of unique residential communities and limited small businesses providing a safe and fun place to grow up. 

The Council of North Community Neighborhoods (CNCN), which utilized extensive public input to identify key features within the community to craft a vision and a series of objectives and policies that reflect the character of the East Lake Tarpon community included the proposed objectives:

  • Preserve the community character and quality of life.
  • Maintain current low-density residential pattern.
  • Support small businesses and limited commercial uses to serve the area’s residents.
  • Protect the natural environment, open space, and passive recreation resources.
  • Protect the scenic/non-commercial corridors of Keystone and East Lake Roads.
  • Promote strong communication between the County and area residents and businesses.
  • Support infrastructure improvements necessary to maintain quality of life and public safety.

CNCN First Vice-President John Miolla coordinated the project for CNCN and had additionally solicited comments from the students of all the schools in the area regarding quality of life issues that they consider important to ensure that all age groups were included.

Review the BOCC meeting information in full click here
Access the CNCN website information page click here
Contact Don Ewing, President 

Print the press release in full: Click Here for PDF
View the Governors signed letter approving the bill: Click Here for PDF
Access the CNCN website

Contact Don Ewing, President 


Governor Scott signs the Annexation Protection Bill CS/HB 699 For East Lake Community into law April 13, 2012 

Tallahassee, Florida April 13th, 2012: Governor Scott signs letter to the Secretary of State authorizing the East Lake Community bill CS/HB 699 to become law and providing protection from Annexation for 10 years for the community of 31,000 residents. The bill was three years in the making was sponsored by Senator Mike Fasano and Representative Peter Nehr and had been submitted to the House of Representatives two years in a row and unsuccessfully. The third time at bat this year the bill met with success in the House of Representatives with a yes vote of 116-0, and then passed the senate with a yes vote of 39-0. Governor Scott added his vote of confidence by signing the bill into law on This bill is the right bill, for the right reasons, for the people of this un-incorporated area in northern Pinellas County.
This bill will dramatically help the residents of this cohesive community of 31,000 from being torn apart by unwanted annexation and broken into different communities by cities a fraction of the size of East Lake. The bill seeks to define the East Lake region of un-incorporated northeast Pinellas County and protect the area from annexation as well as “keep the community whole” in the language of redistricting.
CS/HB 699 is a simple bill with no cost and no controversy and is modeled after the successful 2009 HB 1355 for the Tierra Verde community in southern Pinellas County. It is desired by the people of East Lake and proven by referendum. It has been vetted with the City of Tarpon Springs and the City of Oldsmar for several years and modified to include their suggestions. It passed the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation unanimously favorable vote this year.
CNCN's Board of Directors would like to send special thanks to the hard work by Representative Peter Nehr and Senator Mike Fasano, co-sponsors of the bill, who together and tirelessly advocated for the bills passage in Tallahasee for the past three years. Representative Nehr who overcame many hurdles and objections was able to continuously steer the bill through the various committees until it finally reached the House floor for a vote. Senator Fasano who has always supported the East Lake residents helped the bill move through the Senate. The bill passed 116-0 in the House and 39-0 in the Senate.

The birth of the bill occured after an annexation attempt of East Lake Woodlands community of over 5,000 voters by the City of Oldsmar during a referendum in 2009. The voters of East Lake Woodlands defeated the referendum by a vote of 92% against annexation. This lead to an effort by CNCN and members of the East Lake communities to try to prevent annexation attempts in the future. After two previous attempts in the legislature and some fine tuning of the 2012 bill the legislation finally passed this year.