Frequently Asked Questions


   Deed Restrictions.  Many homeowners have asked whether Tarpon Woods is a deed restricted community.  The answer is YES!  However,   Tarpon Woods has never had a Homeowners Association to enforce the deed restrictions.  These restrictions may be enforced by individual homeowners.  A copy of the documents is available for a small copying fee by contacting  the Tarpon Woods Action Committee or the Island Alliance which does not have the authority to enforce these deed restrictions.

Are you proposing a Home Owners Association? 

Absolutely NOT!  We are an advocacy group formed with the intent to become a formidable voice and valuable resource for the residents of Tarpon Woods.  Through unity, the Tarpon Woods community has the opportunity to play a more active and influential role in local government matters that affect our community and our families 

I don’t live on the golf course, why should I care what is done with the property? 

The golf course, whether you live on it or near it, adds value to your property as an enhancement to the neighborhood.

 My property doesn’t flood why should I join TWAC? 

Although your property may not flood, the flood prone areas tend to bring the values of the entire neighborhood down.  It is also important as a neighborhood to help one another, you never know when the next issue might affect your property and you would want the entire neighborhood’s support. Many prospective buyers of homes in our community as about the flooding they have "heard about." 

Is there any charge to join TWAC? 

No, but donations are gladly accepted! 

What are the donations used for?           

            Simply to pay for expenses used to further the goals of TWAC, including photocopies, paper, postage, fliers,meeting expense,signs, etc…