Get Involved


Communication is the key!  We are trying to set up a master contact list! If you are not currently getting emails from us; complete the registration form by clicking on the link to the left. Also make sure everyone on your street has visited the web site and registered. Our strength will be in numbers, the more residents we have registered as members the more power we will have to facilitate a solution to the flooding.

Volunteer!!!! Currently, we need a neighborhood liaison for each street. We realize not everyone has the technical ability to receive information via emails in our community. As a neighborhood liaison, you will be asked to distribute information to 20 or 30 of your neighbors (rest assured we will do everything possible to keep this to a minimum). We will send you updates, petitions, information on upcoming meetings etc via email and ask you to print out copies to distribute to your assigned addresses.   Please email us with your name, preferred email address, mailing address and best daytime contact phone number and let us know how many neighbors you would be comfortable covering.

Do you have any political ties that could be a valuable resource for us? Is your current or past profession one that may assist us? If so please let us know!

Support your golf course. This may be a bitter pill for some of you that are upset with the current situation but consider this…. The value of the golf course is derived from the actual value of the land and the value of the ongoing business. In other words, the higher we as a community can increase the revenues of the golf course through golf and food sales, the more valuable the property will become.  Please know this committee is not affiliated with the golf course and this certainly is not advertising for the golf course.  We are simply stating an economic principle that we as a community can use that will benefit everyone.