I am writing to provide an update on the status of projects related to Tarpon Woods’ flooding issues.  We have three projects in progress. 

-          Lora Lane water diversion.  Structures have been designed and are in the permit review process at SWFWMD now.  This will divert some of the water coming into the Tarpon Woods area into the Preserve area instead, which is also a benefit to the Preserve as it rehydrates that land.  This project will be a work order to our contractor and will be released as soon as a permit is received.  I expect that to occur this summer, barring permit delays. 

-          Bryan Road Pond Flapper Valve.  We have identified an improvement that will help the Bryan Road flooding significantly, and that is the installation of a flapper valve in the northern end of the pipe that leads from the north end of the pond at Bryan Road.  This requires a minimal easement from the golf course for access and maintenance, and the duration of construction would likely be less than three weeks.  We have presented an easement document to the golf course owners for their consideration.   Once an easement is obtained, it is anticipated to take 90 days for survey, design and completion of plans. After that, construction commencement would be dependent on contractor ordering materials and supplier’s response time. We are assuming that this work will not require relocation of existing utilities. We have an alternate plan if the golf course declines to agree to the easement, but one that costs more to construct.   We will base our design on discussions with the golf course, and will proceed as rapidly as possible to have this implemented. 

-          Toniwoods and Bryan Road drainage. Following up on the design concept presented by Coastal Caisson, we have identified another gravity drainage solution.  However, instead of connecting into the golf course drainage system, we can route the outfalls to the south side of Tarpon Woods Blvd., into the creek.  This is a more extensive project, but one that should be implementable in the near future. 

Ultimately, the cleaning of Brooker Creek through the golf course would also be beneficial, but the improvements in these three projects provide a greater benefit in a shorter time period.


Peter J. Yauch, P.E., FITE

Director of Public Works and Transportation

Pinellas County, Florida


Following is some information related to the proposed projects and their scheduling.  Note that almost all are based on obtaining easements from the golf course.  We are proceeding with number 2, which does not need an easement, as our highest priority and something that should be able to be constructed this year.

·         SWFWMD agreement commits to 50% funding of the projects below. Costs shown are total costs, 50% of which would be paid by SWFWMD and 50% by the County.

1. TBE Study Priority #3 - Maintenance of Brooker Creek  -  $500,000 – Design, permitting and easements acquisition in FY11 & Construction FY11

This work is contingent on obtaining easements from the Golf Course.

This work may be difficult to permit since it proposes working within Brooker Creek, which is deemed a jurisdictional wetland. 

2. URS Study Alt.1 & 2 –    $226,000 – Design and permitting in FY11   - Construction FY12

     Additional Culverts and Weirs at Two Power Line Road hydration crossings at Lora Lane

     This work is proposed upstream of the Tarpon Woods subdivision and does not require easements from the Golf Course 

3. TBE Study Priority # 5 – Outfall Pipe  - $200,000   -  Design and Permitting FY11  - Construction FY12 Improvements       

    Improvements to outfall pipe to Tarpon Woods subdivision into Brooker Creek.    

    This work is contingent on obtaining easements from the Golf Course. 

4. TBE Study Priority # 7 –  $200,000 - Design, Permitting, Easement acquisition in FY12 - Construction – Construction in FY13

    Replacement of control structure and outfall at South Toniwood Pond

    This work is contingent on obtaining easements from the Golf Course 

5. TBE Study Priority # 9 - Outfall $800,000 - Design, Permitting, Easement acquisition in FY12 …Construction – Construction in FY13          

    Construction of outfall from Bryan Pond to South Toniwood Pond

    This work is contingent on obtaining easements from the Golf Course 

We are also working with a contractor to look at the “vault / lift station” option which may be a feasible alternative.  More on that as we progress.



Peter J. Yauch, P.E., FITE

Director of Public Works and Transportation

Pinellas County, Florida


TWAC Engineering Committee members meet with Pinellas County Highway department to discuss progress

On August 9, 2007 representatives from TWAC’s engineering committee met with Pinellas County Engineering represented by Kim Tracy ,Peter Yauch and two engineers from Tampa Bay Engineering (TBE), Nicoloff and Bernard. TBE was commissioned by the county to study the Tarpon Woods Golf course with the purpose of recommending solutions to the flooding in our neighborhoods to the county. The meeting lasted over 1 ˝ hours. Don Ewing and Arthur Davis (TWAC) and John Miolla (Council of North County Neighborhoods)  attended.

While TBE's study is not complete and while they couldn't disclose any final recommendations they were very open with their findings to date.  They were receptive to our comments concerning the traditional drainage plan of the golf course and how it had been changed or compromised. They have already concluded that holding ponds on the golf course would not be a remedy to the flooding. They seem to be thinking that a suitable flooding remedy would involve ditching outside of Brooker Creek to convey overflow water from the low spots within the Tarpon Woods to a point downstream. We encouraged them to consider remedies that might impact the creek or floodplain and not to be influenced by Swiftmud's previous permitting practices. They implied that a total solution would cost multi-millions of dollars and that the 30 foot wide ditch that Phil (TWAC) had outlined was probably smaller than would be required for a complete remedy.

TBE indicated that when the study is complete they would outline various options to solve the flooding from the most comprehensive that would be required to eliminate any water on Toniwood Lane, and other flood areas (probably an impossibility within the scope of this study) to less comprehensive recommendations that would reduce the amount of water and duration thereof on Toniwood Lane and other streets. Pinellas County Highway department and Engineering would then design the solutions. The various options would then be presented to the residents in a public meeting in late September / October for review and comment. As a side note the original drainage plan for these areas anticipated flooding up to the curb in a 10 year flood and up to the property lines in a 25 year flood.

There is of course a larger study commissioned by Swiftmud covering the entire watershed with a target completion date of December, 2008. The results of TBE's study will be shared with Swiftmud and the larger study will explore remedies to the Tarpon Woods flooding along the entire length of the Brooker Creek watershed. In the meantime the county through their representatives at the meeting requested that we tell residents that they are ready, willing and able to address any water emergencies that arise.