Minutes 9/21/2015

Tarpon Woods Entrance and Islands Alliance Committee (TWEIA)

Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2015


Members present: P. Parcells, N. Halfon, R. Jacobs, J. Minnis, S. Hood, R, Mucciolo, K. Cantrell, R. Parekh, and N. Tuber.


Call to order

Committee chair, R. Jacobs, called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Ray outlined the format for the meeting.


Approval of minutes

The minutes were approved as submitted.


Treasurer’s Report

Balance as of 9/21/15- $11.076.11; expenditures for May-August - $430; expenditures to date - $4,717.44; deposits to date - $10,360.

As an FYI for new attendees at the meeting: There are 900 households in the TW community that are asked to contribute $25 yearly for maintenance of islands and entrance to the development, holiday decorations, etc. We receive an average of 300+ responses.  This last cycle, there were 311 individual contributions @ $8,410; Ponds, Oaks, and TW Condos contributions @ $1,900 for a total of $10,310.

Motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted.


Old Business

Condition of the islands – P. Parcels

We received a reimbursement ($500) for the damage to the islands that was caused by a vehicular accident.

Jim’s Lawn Care replaced the damaged sod on the islands caused by the flooding.

Tentative date for the installation of the holiday decorations will be set; this is usually done around Thanksgiving.

The fall plantings will be done at the end of October.


New business

            Introduction of guests (some of whom will meet and have further discussions on the flooding issues in our community) and their roles/duties relating to TW flooding issues:


Matt Cote’ – General Manager of the TW Golf Course; he was also general manager from 1988-92 and is returning at the bequest of the owner. His goal is to restore the course to its former glory. A major set-back has been the recent flooding which caused the course to be closed for 19 days and this loss of income was subsidized by the owner at a cost of $100,000.


Justin Palicki – Superintendent of the TW Golf Course. Justin is working hard to get the course up to standards, but again, efforts have been hampered by the flooding.


Andrew Irick – Spokesperson for TW Golf Course owner Bobby Jacobsen; he introduced the owner’s son, Cody Jacobsen. Andrew stated that the major issue with regards to the flooding is the creek and how the water flows. There is a debate as to whom is responsible for the cleaning of the ponds that surround the golf course, county vs. owner.

The new housing development by Marc Rutenberg will consist of 27 single family lots. The project still needs to be approved and will have zero impact on the up and down stream flows.


Pick Talley – Assistant County Administrator and one of his duties is the liaison for the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWIFTMUD). Pick shared two topical maps that provided a very clear illustration of the issue facing our community with regards to flooding. The areas north of TW in Hillsborough County along the East Lake Road corridor that drain into the basin are at a 90 foot elevation; the elevation of our community is at 8 feet.


Dennis Peek – Retired Engineer. Dennis has kept us informed and updated on the status of the TW community during the flooding and has lived in the TW community for 21 years. He used the Next Door website as a form of communication during the flooding. Dennis also explained how to access information on the USGS site that monitors the water gauges.


John Bennett – Assistant County Manager and one of his roles is to facilitate Safety and Emergency Services county-wide. The county wants to be more proactive in working with the TW community. John shared that the county is looking to set up a single direct line point of entry for residents to use in emergency situations such as the TW event.


Sharon Bauer – Next Door Neighbor. Sharon explained the origin of the idea for the site (60 Minutes) and how it has evolved into a viable and important mode of communication, especially in emergency situations such as the one we faced most recently. She encouraged those present to get neighbors to sign up to use the site. Sharon also shared information re: FEMA.


Tim Clark – Pinellas County Office of Engineering and Technology. Tim will be the manager for the third and final project from the original plan for pedestrian improvement in TW. A 6 foot sidewalk will be attached to the existing bridge (and sidewalk at 3051 TWBLVD) and then will be extended to connect to the sidewalk at the Oaks condominiums. A bid should be acquired by the end of this calendar year; construction is scheduled to start by the fall of 2016 and completed by Christmas, 2016.


After presentations by the guests, Ray thanked everyone for coming and invited the TW residents in attendance to the next committee meeting scheduled for Monday, October 26, 2015 at Condo IV @ 4:00 p.m.


The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


Minutes recorded and submitted by Joan Q. Minnis.